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Dawn's Story

The 18th jan 21 was a normal day until 2.40 in the afternoon when a chain of events that will forever change not only my life but that of many others too. Sophie got in touch to say she felt really ill and to anyone looking at he she was having a stroke.Sophie was just 25 years old. I called an ambulance and after some checks Sophie was taken to hospital, as she left her home I said Love you Sophie she replied love you too mam ,within 2 hours Sophie was dead. Sophie was an online sales rep. For Ann Summers and had decided she wanted to pass her earnings on to a charity,that charity been Care After Combat.This charity helps service people to get their life back on track amongst other things after a spell in prison,this was something that Sophie could personally identify with Sophie never got the chance to do anything to raise money for this organisation so on Sophies 26th Birthday the 22 August 2021 I am going to do a tandem skydive to raise some money for them,it is the ONLY thing I am ever going to do in Sophies name for them so I am asking all friends family whoever to share this far and wide,to celebrate SOPHIE MICHELLE and her birthday.

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Nicole + 4 xxxxx

Dawn O'Donnell

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Chantelle Dunnington

Well done dawn xx love you soph xx

Dawn O'Donnell

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Derek Lawrence

Good luck Dawn!


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Good luck Dawn!


Good luck Dawn! You will smash it!!

Jodie Jenkins

Good luck Dawn! Happy birthday Sophie, we love and miss you so much xx love Jodie, Dan, Logan, Kyan, Ruben and Coen xxx


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Alex Jackson

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Good luck Dawn!

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Good luck Dawn!