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Coronavirus: Message from the Chief Executive

Friends and colleagues, supporters and donors.

In military terms, we are facing an unprecedented attack by a horrible nasty virus. This is not good. It is not good for the health of our country both medically and economically.

I, personally, believe our Prime Minister is the one to listen to. I do not believe in listening to various commentators saying how wrong he might be. He is our leader, like it or lump it he is the Prime Minister and he has the ear of the big brained people.

I understand why certain measures are taking place. I also understand why certain measures are not taking place yet, despite pressure from various people with contrasting views and messages.

Today Dr Nick Murdoch, Dr Jane Jones and myself have decided that non-essential prison visits by Project Phoenix will cease immediately. Dr Jane Jones runs our Re-group project for the NHS. They will continue with their vital work. The NHS staff are heroes… and like all heroes they run towards the danger and never back away. We salute them. Our colleagues in Re group, Project Nova are pushing forward with us and taking all measures to protect their staff and the vulnerable veterans that they engage with. Let us also praise the brave prison officers and staff who cannot isolate, who continue to deliver a service that most of us could only imagine!

God bless them.

This virus moves at an incredible speed and we must counter those moves with the same speed.

I say to anyone that wants to help us… now is the time to do it. There is now no better time to make that small donation or to make a bid for one of our auction items, as to be frank, we’re not sure where the next quid is coming from. We are not like some of the bigger charities that are sitting on millions of pounds. Although we are not eating grass yet we tend to live hand to mouth, as there is so much work to be done. We cannot afford not to do the job sit back and say, well at least we got a few quid in the bank. We use every penny. We have to.

Let’s hope we can all pull together and defeat this rotten enemy…… we can do this, we will do this we are Great Britain.

We have a battle on our hands, make no mistake about that! But…Let all our ancestors who fought in the battles before us, look down from heaven and say those boys are doing a good job.

So stick with Boris and wash your hands.

Jim Davidson OBE