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Bill Bones made lifetime Honorary President

The Trustees of Care After Combat are delighted to announce that Bill Bones, the most loyal of supporters of the Charity, has accepted our proposal for him to become our Honorary President. 

Bill has been with us from the start, he has supported every aspect of our growth and there is no other individual who deserves this more. From attending events, fundraising, providing mentorship, acting as a Trustee, to joining our serving Military and Veterans in their close knit community, he has been there through thick and thin. 

Everyone that knows Bill will tell you that he is the most modest, dedicated, committed, genuine and kind individual who gives everything to help others. 

There is no more deserving individual than Bill to become our Honorary President. Our Veterans and everyone associated with Care After Combat have been better off with Bill being at our side, and for this we are forever grateful - Bravo Zulu to Bill.