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Project Phoenix making a difference

I first met Graham at the Armed Forces Day in June 2019. I signed up with Project Phoenix after combat, after Graham took my details and explained how he could offer support and help in getting me ready for release.

Graham came back into prison regularly and spoke with me and the other veterans and he was willing to answer any questions or worries we clearly had. I always felt supported because getting ready for release is an anxious time but the discussions helped to ease my worries. Graham He spoke to my offender supervisor and also came with me to a meeting that I had to offer his support.

Around Christmas time I had some very bad news about my release being delayed so I was very stressed, but Graham helped me through this and even came in at short notice to see me. During one of our previous meetings I was told that I could apply for assistance to source clothing on release and I was very pleased about that. I was released on 26th March 2020 and the following day Graham told me that he had the clothes and that Care after Combat would arrange for a delivery of the items I needed.

I was really surprised by how quickly it was done. Since I've been released Graham has been in very regular contact to see how I've been getting on. Being released can be a very stressful time because of everything that needs to be done but because of the help I have had, it has been easier than I thought. I am so pleased that I came into contact with Care after Combat and I am really grateful for all of the help and support that I have been given.

I just want to let you know that the work that Care after Combat do is invaluable to us veterans and a lot of us would be lost without you.

Thank you for everything that you do.