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Care after Combat an Escape to Freedom

Le Chemin dela Liberte is an extreme and challenging passage over tough terrain taken during WWII by the men, women and children who fled for their lives This was one secret escape route from the persecution and their almost certain death under the Nazi regime.

Care after Combat chose this daring challenge out of respect for those who had no choice during WWII but also to acknowledge that even in today’s world those who stand and fight for the freedom of others are often left with their own personal battles and who in different ways may continue to fight for their own lives for many years.

For this small team this turned out to be an exercise in endurance, diligence, determination skill, and strength of body and character.

It was a lesson in the power of team, camaraderie difference and shared goals.

Our party met in France Sait-Girons at the foot of the Pyrenees in September. We had travelled from three different countries to be there and did not all know each other. We went at our own expense in our own personal time. We made plans at the initial RV and had a glass of wine to toast the beginning of the challenge.

The next four days walking across the Pyrenees, sleeping in the fields and a refuge, was an amazing unique and at times treacherous experience. Skill levels varied enormously within the team from very experienced mountaineers to very little experience at all.

Hats off! to a team who were instantly and consistently enthusiastic, loyal to the cause, patient, considerate, caring skilful, motivating, and who with expert military precision mercilessly took the p*** out of every (and there were many) opportunity!!!! Priceless

Together we reflected on the plight of the refugees during WWII and respected their incomparable strength and their drive for survival. We ate the berries they would have eaten on route (as desert to exceptional, and shockingly heavy military rations! This mattered – we had to carry them!) We drank the mountain water. We sat in silence at the remains of the British Halifax Bomber that crashed in July 1945.

The weather was very hot and sunny then cold and it snowed. Ultimately the final route to Spain was closed due to the extent of the snowfall so we took another route down the Pyrenees still completing the length and difficulty of the initial challenge.

We raised £13,000.00 for Care after Combat – every penny hard earned!!! Thank you to all our supporters.

At the end we ‘team’ friends celebrated an amazing achievement.

Thank you everyone who supported us.